What will you do with your retirement ?

Very sad and unexpected news that Paul McKeever , police fed chairman and Sergeant has died. I didn’t know the man, but he was a great orator, and as long as I live I will never forget him giving Teresa May a bloody nose at the 2012 conference.
…as long as I live.
The reason for my 2nd ever blog, came about the day before this tragic news, when I heard about HMIC chief Tom Winsor having a ride along with an RPU and subsequently praising officers for their hard work and dedication.
This isn’t a bash over the head for Winsor per-se, but I cheekily asked if you could get disciplined for refusing to take him along seeing as he cost you and your family thousands of pounds, and took 5 years off your life.
What I meant was the raising of the retirement age of officers. I personally know of many people who have not lived long enough to see their retirement – and this is not restricted to police- my own grandad died aged 60 , just a year into forced retirement after a lifetime of work from age 14. My dad had to pack in at 55 from building and tried to get back , but he never worked again due to ill health. He’s still around thankfully. I am in ok health but I started work at 16 and wonder how long I’ve got in a role where shifts shorten your life and stress abounds( I don’t feel it but I’m sure it’s there)
A quick Internet search will bring you back dozens of Studies that overall show that police officers don’t retire very well. 5 years of life seems to be a common theme. While there is a small risk of dying on the ‘job’ as it were, other professions are equally or more dangerous. It’s just that when it comes to handing in your warrant card something goes wrong and cops just don’t last long.
So Mr Winsor- and Mrs May for that matter- maybe I was wrong about you taking 5 years off my life- Which of you should I thank for making me work those extra 5 years?
You might just have saved my life.

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One Response to What will you do with your retirement ?

  1. PC Lightyear says:

    I’ve recently been doing some non-police work experience for my eventual escape from the job.

    I come home after a 10 hour day of work which is more physical than an average response shift but nowhere near as tired or drained.

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