A fairly short blog this one – from a conversation I had with someone like minded I had a (small) idea about how officers can make their feelings known to Government, around how much we have lost financially since their ‘reforms’.

This year, at the annual Police Federation conference, instead of heckling the Home Secretary, how about the audience hold up display cards that contain info on how much that officer has lost in £ due to the winsor review. This can also be pensions, and how its affected you, or an average etc.

This comes on the back of my previous post ‘I cant believe its not better’ where I make an attempt at outlining how tough things are for us at the minute, with pay cuts and the cost of living etc

Last year, the media portrayed those officers who heckled TM as thuggish, and outside of our circle we didn’t come out well. We gained little public sympathy.

So lets play the one real card we haven’t played yet – the human aspect – we all have families, homes,mortgages, and a lower life expectancy than most upon retirement. I say we highlight those facts. The Fed could run a parallel campaign (twitter, or however you like ) with posts from officers around the UK with snippets of how we have been affected.

After all, if MP’s can secretly poll for a £20k pay rise, and have their pension rise deferred, then why cant we use the same methods ?


I would also suggest that we use the hashtag #cardsforcops on Twitter.


I am genuinely trying to help the fed here – if they like the idea, then I hope they use it. After all I am anon…!





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